The Alive Movement is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing teen suicide. We will be traveling the nation into high schools and junior high schools giving motivational speeches and educating the kids on how to recognize the symptoms of depression and what steps to take to improve their mental health. With your support, we also hope to pay for professional therapy for certain high risk teens, and provide support lines via blog sites, social media groups, and hotlines to live representatives.




Music video  - “Alive” is a music video created by Jade Dansie showing the effects of sucide on family friends, as well as the bright future that lies ahead of us all when we choose to accept help.”

Tour   - Starting in the fall 2018, Jade Dansie will travel the nation on behalf of The Alive Movement, giving motivational speeches to educate students who might be struggling, or have friends who might be struggling, and help them recognize and address the symptoms of depression before they become too severe.


Our Goals

  • Motivational School Tour for the youth of the United States
  • Raise donations to help youth get into therapy


  • Prevent teen suicide 
  • Raise awareness about mental health
  • Open a hotline for emotional support

Our Founders Story 

The Alive Movement was founded by Twenty Year -old Jade Dansie. Jade, a two-time suicide attempt survivor has devoted her life to helping save the lives of the youth who are at risk for suicide. Jade is nineteen years old from Saratoga Springs, Utah. Jade founded this nonprofit with the focus to prevent teen suicide by offering help and support to struggling teens throughout the state, and hopefully one day, throughout the entire nation. This cause is very near to her own heart. As a child, she multiple forms of abuse, which had a great impact on herself esteem and ability to handle certain problems that arose in her life. In her teens, she developed severe depression, which eventually led to an attempt at suicide. Fortunately, she was able to receive help. She checked into a professional treatment center for mental health in 2015, where she learned what caused her depression, and how to deal with the symptoms. Through proper treatment, she was able to develop a more stable foundation, and a positive plan for her future. Her goal and purpose in life is to help young people who are struggling; to give hope and support to those who feel overwhelmed, and help them realize how beautiful it is to be ALIVE. .